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Graphic designing is the art of creating visual content to communicate a message to the viewer.  

These days designs are made digitally and represented on digital media as well as print and TV. The visual images contain typography, logos, interactive content and many other formats to keep the viewer attracted and compelled to read the message.  

With the exponential growth in internet and digital social media interactions, there are thousands of freelancing / remote / online project and jobs available for graphic designers. These projects / jobs range from small log designs worth a few $ to complex advertising campaigns worth thousand’s of $. 

In this course, we aim to make students start learning the basic skills of graphic designing to enable them to work on digital illustrations and static images. After completing the course, they will be able to develop basic corporate design profiles, illustrations, designs, etc.

Prerequisite knowledge

Main requirements are:

Understanding of English and intermediate level computer usage skills 

Good design and artistic sense will be a plus in wining more complex projects 

Skills Proficiency

  • Logo Design
  • Brochure / Flyers/ Banners
  • Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Poster Design
  • Image Editing
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Design Motion Graphics (GIFs, Logos and Text Animation, etc).

What we offer

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Projects involved

Using Rotating Proxies and Headers with Requests

Using Rotating Proxies and Headers with Selenium

Real Life Scraping Project with Selenium

Real Life Automation Project with Selenium

Introduction and Getting Started:

General Review of Web Scraping and Automation

Getting Started with Python:

Introduction to Python

Why you might use Python for Web Scraping and Automation

Installing Python and Pycharm

Hello World

Data Types

Conditional statements (if, else, elif)

Looping statements (for, while)

Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and their methods


String Manipulation and Formating

Regex in Python

Try, Except

Python File Handling

How do Servers work?

HTML Revision: What is HTML? Basics of HTML

Introduction to Web Scraping

Components of Web Scraping

Libraries for Web Scraping

Getting Started with Beautiful Soap and Requests

Web Scraping with Beautiful Soap

Single Webpage Scraping with Beautiful Soap

Multiple Webpage Scraping with Beautiful Soap 

Using Selenium for Web Scraping and Automation

JavaScript, AJAX and Selenium intro

Installing Selenium and Drivers

Elements Locators (By Xpath, By CSS, By Class, By Name, By ID)

Retrieving Data from Web Elements

Operations on Web Elements

Executing Javascript

Navigating using XPath

Headless Chrome browser

Taking Screenshots

Jobs opportunities

Thousands of projects and remote jobs available online on freelance portals.

Increasing demand of graphic designers with local design and media companies  

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