Fundamental of Machine Learning with Python

Learn fundamentals ML focused on computer vision & Natural Language Processing using Python

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All IT projects are built on the foundations of DATA. Data is the new gold, and AI based
projects thrive on it. Every AI application or software requires a vast amount of data for
development and training e.g., visual AI models need images containing the objects that
we see in our real life, and to make the object of interest recognizable to such models,
the images need to be annotated with the right techniques.
AI is not only about visual data, as AI models also need to understand text data as well.
Only having correct text annotations within the training data model, can derive the right
results required for Chatbots to understand the question and answer it. Chatbots are the
most recognizable application of natural Language Processing (NLP), but badly trained
chatbots can damage company reputation, hence we need to focus on annotating our
text data correctly.
Another method for collecting and using data is through Web Scraping & Automation.
This is an important method used to collect data about products for sale, user posts,
images, and pretty much anything else that is useful on the web. An important skill for
any AI professional to have in their toolbox.
The program will provide you all the necessary knowledge needed to start your journey
in the AI field and the base moving forward to big AI models in the future. You will learn
about creating and annotating large datasets through hands-on practice.
This is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the complete toolkit for
collecting DATA for any type of AI, data science, or automation projects. After completing
this course, they will be able to scrap data using different techniques, automate manual
data processes, and annotate images / text for their own consumption, or earn by securing
the thousands of freelance projects available online.

Prerequisite knowledge

This course requires good Understanding of English and minimum education level should be BS / BE / MS / ME and above in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic, Mechanical Engineering verticals. Good understanding of computer languages like Python, R, C++, Java, Matplotlib, etc would be preferred.

Skills Proficiency

On completion of this training program, the trainee’s skill profile will include:

  1. Writing Python programs and mastering different Python libraries
  2. Applying machine learning algorithms. Understanding Natural Language Processing and Image Processing.
  3. Applying Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow
  4. Working with state-of-the-art Image Processing tools like YOLO, SSDs and

What we offer

Training Material

Projects involved

In this machine learning project, Students will detect & recognize handwritten characters, i.e., English alphabets from A-Z.

Fake news spreads like a wildfire and this is a big issue in this era. Students will make a model that recognize which news is fake or not.

The objective of this machine learning project is to detect and recognize the
license number plate of a vehicle and read the license numbers printed on the plate.

Jobs opportunities

On completion of this training program, trainee will have following career options:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  2. Python Engineer / Developer
  3. Machine learning & Deep learning Intern
  4. Computer Vision & NLP intern
  5. Python programmer – freelance work (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.)

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