Fundamental of Artificial Intelligence with Python

Learn data modelling for AI use cases using Python

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The future will have AI as an integral component of every job sector. It is creating new
career paths in the field of machine learning, data mining, analytics, software
development, program management, and testing.
The demand for AI professionals is growing exponentially with each passing year. This
can be seen in the rise in demand for professionals working on large datasets using
programming languages like R & Python.
With this program, we aim to impart fundamental programming skills to students so that
they can fill these roles in the market. The objective of the course is to present an overview
of Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles and approaches. Develop a basic understanding of
the building blocks of AI – specifically within the hottest emerging fields of data analysis
and machine learning.
Our program will also provide you with the latest job-ready tools and skills, including opensource tools and libraries, python data visualization, data analysis, basics of machine
learning algorithms and an understanding on how to deploy AI systems. You will learn AI
through hands-on practice using data science tools and real-world data sets.
Upon successfully completing this course, you will have built a portfolio of AI projects to
provide you with the confidence to plunge into an exciting profession within the ever
growing AI skill universe.

Prerequisite knowledge

This course requires good understanding of English language and education level  should be DAE(Engr) / ICT / BE / BS / BA and above  in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic, Mechanical Engineering verticals. Basic understanding of computer languages like C++, HTML, SQL would be preferred.

Skills Proficiency

On completion of this training program, the trainee’s skill profile will include:

  1. Working with Python as a fundamental programming language
  2. Understanding Python syntax and performing basic functions
  3. Using Python to perform numerical & scientific operations on data
  4. Working with NumPy for numerical computing and pandas for Data manipulation
  5. Have skills to ingest, cleanse, manipulate and visualize data using Python
  6. Finding outcomes based on given data
  7. Understanding Machine Learning algorithms
  8. Deployment of basic AI solutions within Computer / IT projects

What we offer

Training Material

Projects involved

Students will further perform both of the Machine learning paradigms (classification, regression) on gathered and cleaned data sets. During the project classes they will be introduced to new concepts like tuning the hyper parameters of model, feature importance and feature engineering.

Students will create/gather and maintain their own datasets using the tools they have learned and then will clean the data, perform the Exploratory data analysis on the gathered data

Description: Students will perform all mentioned activities in the supervision of instructor with continued support and regular Q&A sessions. Not only they will do these tasks but will also they will learn new concepts like deploying ML model to website using flask, creating deployment pipeline, etc.

Jobs opportunities

On completion of this training program, trainee will have following career options:

  1. Junior Python Developer
  2. Entry Level Data Analyst
  3. Freelance python programmer
  4. Junior AI Internee
  5. Machine Learning Intern

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